Research shows that children with a strong foundation of security, trust and self-confidence tend to learn better. Children develop these qualities through positive relationships with their Parents and Educarers.

Infants and Toddlers rely on a caring, comforting environment where they feel safe and secure and trust their caregivers. This is the foundations of physical and emotional development which creates their early “safe space” normally found at home and school.

Our staff at TwinkleKidz supports the importance of building close teacher-child relationships as this is the essential beginnings of a child’s preschool experience and will directly impact how they develop socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. We believe that fostering a positive learning relationship goes beyond the classroom curriculum and well planned routines, it must also encompass care, observation and close communication with parents. Our teachers are interested to know each child’s family and their life outside of the schoolhouse. Initiating close interactions with parents, our teachers learn about each child’s environments as well as their likes, dislikes and close family members. Through this collaborative approach we attain information which helps to better understand and communicate with your child and build a close, trusting relationship.

Early childhood professionals are skilfully trained to observe the body language of infants and toddlers to accurately read clues about the child’s needs and respond accordingly. This develops over time as they get to know your child and how they are feeling, how they respond and what they need. This is the framework of a safe, comfortable and communicative bond with your child’s caregivers. Routines are an important foundation for building close trusting relationships between your child and their caregivers. Maintaining scheduled naptimes, feeding times and intentional play time will help the child to understand what to expect in the course of the day and facilitate the teacher’s ability to fulfil the child’s needs. By asking the right questions, teachers can give your child the assurance that she knows what they are thinking and will be able to help with their needs thus building an attachment between teacher and child. This is very important because when children feel comfortable to depend emotionally with their caregivers, your child will be more open and involved in the daily lessons and activities which accelerates the development of interests and learning capabilities.

At TwinkleKidz, we use developmentally appropriate practices advocating holistic curriculum with arts integration. Intentional play activities allow the teachers to observe your child’s interests and respond with activities to equip children with essential skills, knowledge and learning dispositions to become effective communicators and lifelong learners.

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